How're We All?

Actually, not too bad. I tried to continue with the jogging and can just about manage …... miles without stopping! Just as well ‘cos it’s the Garstang runners “let’s show the Irish” trip to the Ballycotton 10 next March. Unfortunately I entered a race recently and a 76 year old lady beat me! The distance was too short for me (honest).

Noelene gave up smoking after 30 years and only coughs fresh rather than smoky air now! She reckons she feels worse than before but hasn’t touched a fag (cigarette, that is!) for five months now.

Claire and Carl moved from their flat to a house about a mile away and plan another move soon.

Dawn and Jon are living in Bamford near Rochdale but also planning to move as soon as they can.

Claire still works for cuddly animals at the PDSA and Dawn for less than cuddly people as a Community Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in the rather non-salubrious part of north Manchester.