The 2nd Wedding of the Century!

Claire and Carl's wedding was held at Mere Hall, Bolton near our home, also on one of the best days of the year (albeit it just a little damp!), with the reception in our back garden . In fact what fell from the skies was often encountered "Bolton sunshine"; sometimes it falls horizontally, sometimes vertically!

What It It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

There are lots of superstitions about this:

Getting Ready

We'd spent the weeks before the wedding working from morning until night to get the house and everything else in order and Claire and Carl themselves put in a tremendous effort to make sure that everything was organised. Carl stitched the bunting himself and spent a whole day putting up and decorating the main marquee (rather belatedy finding that the marquees/gazebos leaked and lining them with polythene sheet).

John spent hours downloading the strange and wonderful music that the guests had chosen and set the hi-fi up linked to Noelene's laptop with a wireless connection to the main computer in our study. Surprisingly, it worked very well, although later in the evening it was hijacked by an unruly element addicted to Take That, Madonna, Rick Astley and similar ****!

On The Day

The ceremony at Mere Hall was lovely with the two(!) best men not losing the rings. As Claire and Carl signed the register, Noelene gave a reading and then we were off in the rain for the photos. However, the photogrpaher chickened out and whisked them away to Spinners Hall, where they live, for the main shots. After that it was back to the house, an excellent barbecue by Percivals, a few celebratory drinks (just one or two, of course), speeches from the father of the bride (also available as a PDF file!), the best man and thanks from Carl himself and that music, going on well into the night. There were plenty of sore heads the day after!

Here are a few of the photos:

Claire & Carl, Registry Office Claire & Carl, Registry Office Claire Claire & Carl
Claire & Carl Claire Dawn & Alex John & Patrick
Graham & Anne Jon & Helen Katty & Anne Leak!
Noelene Claire Claire Noelene
Carl Helen & Judy

It was just wonderful and another of the best days of my life.


The Bride's Father!

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