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From John and Noelene Gillatt

This is Us:

John Noelene 23 4th Avenue, Bolton
I'm John, I work for a chemical company in Cheshire, UK and I was born in Maidenhead on the Thames in England. This is Noelene. She's a Fine Arts graduate of Bolton Institute and comes from Port Elizabeth on South Africa's Indian Ocean coast. 23 Fourth Avenue, Bolton (on a rare sunny day!). The house no longer has the flat roofed extension but I haven't got a nice photo yet!


  We now live on 4th Avenue in Bolton, UK but used to live on Lonsdale Road, and that's why this is the Lonsdale Home Page.

  We've been married for 13 years but have two daughters (Dawn, 32 and Claire, 30). Figure that out!

  We're both members of the British Labour Party and (don't mention the "S" word!) consider ourselves to be Socialists.

  I like sporty things, especially running (vertical and horizontal jogging!), mountain biking, walking, playing with computers, reading sci-fi, music, particularly jazz and 60s - 70s survivors (Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, etc.) politics and travelling.

  Noelene likes some of those too but she's really an arty-farty type. Her favorites are textile arts and crafts, especially batik and silkscreen printing, aromatherapy and other complimentary therapies, esoterica (what!!!), gardening, reading, reading and reading.

  If you want to know what we've been up to in the last eleven years take a look here:-

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You never know, you might be mentioned!

  This page is always being reconstructed and was last updated on 21st December 2006. If you want to say "hello", "goodbye" or anything else we're at us@gillatt.org

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