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Kathryn Henry - Paintings

Mysticism Spirituality   "Diptych - Mysticism and Spirituality"
- paintings, £605.00 (both)

These pieces can be bought individually. Mysticism (Black) £242.00, Spirituality (Pink) £396.00.

Many artists in the past have studied cultures and religions and it has influenced their work. The San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism studied Zen, a form of Mahayana Buddhism emphasising the value of meditation and intuition, and they employed this thought process in their work. I have taken a great interest in different religions and how the Arts & Crafts have been used as visual aids in their beliefs, such as the use of visual imagery in the form of shrines or mandalas during prayer or meditation. My curiosity and interest lies within the title 'The Spiritual in Art'.

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